Razor: Gillette Tech
Blade: Astra Green
Soap: Van Yulay Tobacco Vanilla in Aquarius base
Other: the great white north

#samplesaturday  From one extreme to the next, from the warmth of Mexico to the cold -30°C of the Saskatchewan north.  Visiting my folks up north and it is hard to believe it is almost April with the amount of snow and cold up here.  I brought with me a sample that I figured would warm me up, Tobacco Vanilla.  This is inspired by the Tom Ford cologne of the same name.  I haven’t smelled that particular cologne, but if it is anything like this, I would give it a big thumbs up.  The name is very accurate, Tobacco and Vanilla both jump out at you.  You can also get a bit of the spice, cocoa and woody notes.

I have a couple of the Aquarius soap bases and they haven’t wowed me.  They perform fine but I catch the aloe in the scent and it throws it off for me.  This is the exception, the Tobacco must mute that out before I don’t pick it up which is a big bonus for me.

The Tech and Astra was a super smooth combo as always.  A fantastic shave to start the weekend at the lake.



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