Razor: Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements DOC
Blade: Feather
Soap: Fine Accoutrements Santal
Aftershave: Fine Accoutrements Santal splash, Like Grandpa Sandalwood balm

vacation over, home again home again. I was hoping the snow and cold would be gone upon our return but sadly we are in the middle of one more cold snap. Oh well, at least I have the memories.

Today I opted for simplicity, full on Sandalwood. I recently acquired this Fine set and I’m glad I did. It is a simple and fantastic sandalwood scent. This is also my first pick of Fine soap and I was pleasantly surprised. I typically avoid the hard picks with no containers. I still don’t like the puck in a box (I grated it in a metal container on hand as you can see) but I easily got a great lather from the hard soap. Performance was really good and I had lots of lather left in the bowl post 3 pass shave. The aftershave splash was a perfect match and Fine aftershave has a nice scent strength. My only knock on it is the price point vs similar products.

I wrapped up with my favourite Like Grandpa balm. My skin is starting to show the effects of vacation hangover so I wanted something super hydrating. It was a perfect finish to this sandalwood shave.



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