Razor: Gillette New LC
Blade: Wilkinson Sword
Soap: Long Rifle Soap Company Voyageur
Aftershave: Long Rifle Soap Company Voyageur

Oh boy, new goodies. Got a massive mail call in yesterday with lots of new things to try. This set caught my attention (it was one of the few that I could get anything from with my crazy sinuses) and I was just itching to try out my vintage Gillette New LC (Long Comb).

This razor is in pretty nice shape for its age and is a really nice shaver. I’d say it is relatively mild, along the lines of my Gillette Tech, but a bit more efficient. It has a bit more heft than the tech, with more weight in the head than the handle. Not the best balance but worked for a pretty efficient shave given the mildness. If I had to give it a negative, the knurling on the handle is pretty subtle and doesn’t give a great grip. Minor detail and an all around nice vintage here.

This was my first go with a soap from Long Rifle Voyageur. The soap I got is a 3oz puck that comes in a tin. It is a bit loose in the tin but isn’t a super hard puck, I was able to squeeze it down to fill the gaps. The scent is fantastic, I really enjoyed it. Sandalwood, patchouli, and oakmoss, a really nice earthy scent. I can’t give an accurate read on scent strength with the sinuses, but I was able to get the full scent through, so that is nice. Tallow based, slickness and cushion were excellent, and it gave a great post shave. I was really impressed with this soap, I may have to add more to the den.

The matching aftershave also smelled great, although I’d say the notes weren’t quite as balanced as the soap (could be the sinuses at play again here, will revisit that for sure). It has a witch hazel/alcohol/aloe base so you do get a bit of a burn but a nice, hydrating finish. A really nice shave.

Off to kindergarten, the boy has meet and greet today before starting in the fall. They grow up so fast, he’ll be digging in dad’s den before I know it. (Who am I kidding? he already tinkers in there)



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