Razor: Parker Shavette
Blade: Astra Green
Brush: Copper Hat synthetic
Soap: D.R. Harris Windsor
Aftershave: D.R. Harris Arlington splash
Other: Prairie Boys Supply Co. shave oil, Barber Kanako at High Noon Barber

Friday afternoon off. The cold is finally on its way out. I needed a trim and I figured today was a great day to treat myself to a Hot Shave. I booked in with Kanako at High Noon today. High Noon is one of my favourite local barber shops (not just because they carry our lather bowls, they carry plenty of other great local products as well). The staff is super friendly, highly skilled and they take the time to ensure you are well looked after. Online booking… also a huge bonus in my books.

If you haven’t been for a hot shave, I highly recommend it (from a knowledgeable barber of course). After my cut, on to the hot shave. I was treated to a pre-shave oil treatment, followed by a hot towel wrap to open the pores, shave with the Parker shavette (the standard at barber shops do to hygiene requirements), hot towel again and final pass. She wrapped up with a cold towel to close the shave and finished with the Arlington aftershave. I haven’t had any experience with D.R. Harris thus far but it seemed quite nice. A fantastic treat to finish out the week.

PS – I think I have her convinced to use my straight razor next time 🙂



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