Razor: Yaqi double open comb
Blade: Wilkinson Sword
Brush: Vie-Long horse hair (50/50)
Soap: Highland Springs Citrus
Aftershave: Highland Springs Citrus balm

Monday. Back to the grind. To start the week I decided to give the Highland Springs soap a go. I was PIFed this tub alongside several samples. I’m typically not a citrus guy but I wanted to try this out before I shared with a friend.

Highland Springs is an artisan soap maker out of Cranbrook, BC. Judging by the ingredient list, this is a vegan base made with all natural ingredients. I would describe this soap as a really soft soap or thick cream. It has a texture similar to Declaration Grooming (L&L) Shave soap. Out of the tub it smells full on citrus. I get a heavy dose of orange and lemon peel. If you are a citrus fan, I’m sure you will like this scent. For performance, I had a bit of trouble getting the lather I like, but I blame the brush (easily my least favourite in the den). I get the feeling that with a decent brush and a proper load, it would have been fantastic on that front. There was lots of cushion, but slickness lacking a touch, to me another symptom of the trouble I had with the brush, not the soap. I still got a nice shave, irritation free which can sometimes be a crap shoot with citrus based soaps.

I used the batching balm from Highland Springs. Much like my shave yesterday, scent was lacking a bit, but performance was fantastic. If you like a light scented balm, this could be a big winner.



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