Razor: Gillette New LC
Blade: Gillette Green
Soap: Prohibition Style Harvey Wallbanger
Aftershave: Lea Aftershave Balm
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

It’s Friday! I figured a great way to end the week would be to lather up in a new bowl. Have you seen the store lately? There are some new products in there (this bowl included).

I pulled this Harvey Wallbanger tub I recently won in an instagram contents by Prohibition Style. This is another one of the prohibition era cocktail scents, again in his new premium vegan formula. Justin really has his scents worked out and this is no exception. Sweet Orange, Vanilla and Vodka. It smells quite nice, like a boozy creamsicle. As I mentioned before, the new formula is a huge improvement.

For the post shave, I used this Lea aftershave balm I recently picked up. I love it. I received a sample a while ago and I had to have it. It doesn’t really have a scent, but it does have a nice menthol chill and it goes on without any greasy feeling. It is a great addition to the den as it will pair with anything. Never again do I have to worry about finding something to layer scent wise that matches or goes with a soap/splash. This just works. The chill is noticeable but not overwhelming. A big win.

As for the lather bowl, what can I say, along with it looking fantastic, it lathered like a boss. I’m super happy with how this latest batch came out, and hope you are too.



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