Razor: Haward Safety Razor
Blade: Polsilver
Brush: Oz Shaving Synthetic
Soap: Robin Tauer Artemis
Aftershave: Catie’s Bubbles Le Marche du Rasage
Other: Georgio Armani Aqua Di Gio

Today I used my second Robin Tauer offering from the recent Salon Beau.ti.ful purchase locally here in Warman, Saskatchewan (read about the purchase in my previous Robin Tauer Shave).  This particular offering, Artemis, is definitely the lighter of the two but will be a perfect fit for the warm days of spring.

No scent notes listed on the Robin Tauer website, but it is described as garrigue, a signature scent of the south of France, meant to evoke wildlands and spring seasons.  To my nose this is a fresh scented cross between a subtle green vetiver and a nice crisp aquatic.  Scent is on the lighter side, but it does jump up a bit once lathered.  This is a a very pleasant, non offensive scent that would work well for any occasion, a very nice spring scent.  I really enjoy it.  Like my previous experience with Robin Tauer, the performance is alright, nothing amazing but it gets the job done and is very easy to lather.  Once dialled in, you are going to get a lather similar to something like a RazoRock soap base.  Adequate slickness and cushion, and post shave that won’t blow you away but is above average for a vegan soap base.

This particular scent you could take in a few directions to match the post.  Being a lighter fresher scent, I don’t think it would clash with anything.  You can also play up the grassier notes and use a vetiver scent (I almost used Fine Accoutrements Green Vetiver today, it was also a really nice pairing) or you can play up the aquatic notes like I did with Catie’s Bubbles Le Marche du Rasage.  That particular scent is the blend of two popular aquatic fragrances (Aqua Di Gio and Cool Water) over a base of oakmoss.  It made a perfect pairing really working on that aquatic side.

And since I went that route, I figured why not finish the shave and start my Monday with a bit of extra class with the Aqua Di Gio fragrance, a wondering PIF from an outstanding CWS member.  Heading into Monday, smelling like a boss 🙂

All for now – J



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