Razor: Gillette Tech
Blade: Rapira Platinum Lux
Brush: Omega Boar
Soap: Soapy Bathman Lumberjack
Aftershave: Soapy Bathman Lumberjack
Other: Saskatchewan Wet Shavers shirt

I felt like today was a good day to go back into the archives and pull software that I haven’t used in a while. Soapy Bathman Lumberjack was calling my name. This set was an exclusive made for the Canadian Wet Shavers (CWS) Facebook group. I wasn’t on the group at the time but I was lucky enough to acquire the set. And speaking of Facebook groups… the SOTD photo is with my shirt from the Saskatchewan Wet Shavers group, our own little fledgling community of locals.

Being that this soap/balm is an exclusive, I couldn’t find any exact scent notes. I can say this is a bright woodsy scent, I smell pine and cedar. It has a bit of an earthiness to it and it has a sweetness as well. If I was a betting man I’d guess it is a bit of Eucalyptus in there. Not Vicks vapour rub crazy strong, but it does have that forest in the winter vibe to it. It is a really nice coniferous scent. I’d say the scent is mid strong which is absolutely perfect. Anything more and it would be too much. The soap itself is fairly firm and is full to the brim in this large tub. It is a tallow base and it loads and lathers very easily. I was able to whip up a great lather even though I used a boar, which usually gives me a bit of trouble for a bowl lather. The resulting lather was high structure with a bit of sheen to it. Slickness is quite good as is the cushion. The residual slickness is good enough you can buff without visible lather but I wouldn’t push it a bunch. Post shave feel was quite nice as well.

With my trusty Tech I was able to get an almost perfect shave…. save for one small war wound. I didn’t notice I had a small skin blemish today so I ended up nicking myself. Not pictured, but I did an alum block finish to clean that up. Surprisingly, other than the small spot, I had absolutely zero burn from the alum, a testament to the very smooth shave.

I finished up with the matching Soapy Bathman balm. The scent is a perfect match and it strong enough to carry for a bit. The balm is nice and hydrating, although I did find it a touch heavy for my preferences. A little goes a long way though.

I don’t see or hear a lot about Soapy Bathman these days. Chris from Soapy Bathman did re-open his website after a bit of a hiatus, but I haven’t heard much from them and I don’t believe there have been any new releases in a while. I hope to hear more in the future because the base is quite solid and the scent strengths are bang on. If you have a chance to pick up a Soapy Bathman product, they are definitely worth a try.



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