Razor: Yaqi Mellon
Blade: Astra Green
Brush: Rockwell 20mm Synthetic
Soap: Highland Springs Soap Company Barbershop
Aftershave: Like Grandpa Sandalwood Splash
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

Who says you can’t have a stellar vacation shave?  We are on the road for a little vacation trip (currently at the in-laws) and I decided to pack a few more shave items than my typical travel pack.  I had this tiny lather bowl that we fired and it shrunk too much to be sale-able.  Since i’m using a tiny travel synthetic, I figured this tiny lather bowl would do the trick.  Such a shame since I love how this lather bowl looks, but with a 20mm knot, it actually works pretty damn well.

For the soap today, I brought along one of my favourite Barbershops from one of my favourite artisans, Highland Springs Soap Company.  This vegan base is still my favourite vegan I carry in the den.  Cushion, Slickness and Post shave all get excellent marks.  The lather is lower structure with that nice glossy sheen, similar to some of the elite tallow bases out there.  Many would have a hard time knowing this is a vegan base unless they looked at the ingredient list.  The scent on this barbershop is also a very unique take.  Scent notes of Bay Rum, Sandalwood and Patchouli sit on top of a soft powdery base.  It reads as slightly sweet, slightly powdery with just a subtle spice and earthiness.  It definitely reads like a barbershop but takes a very unique spin.  Scent strength is on the stronger side of medium as well.  Extra special bonus today is that the in-laws have a water softener with it dialed way up so the lather was dream today.

For the splash, I brought a Sandalwood along with me.  i find Sandalwood to be a workhorse scent because it pairs well with so many different shave soaps.  This is also giving me an opportunity to get more familiar with the new aftershave splashes from Like Grandpa.  For transparency, I was one of the testers for the Like Grandpa splash line and this bottle was given to me at no cost as a thank you.  I bought two other scents from him with my own $$$.  The scents on the splashes are dialed up from their soap line up.  This Sandalwood is on the stronger side of medium and carries for me for a couple hours.  Of the three splashes I have of theirs (Wild Rose, Lavender) this is the weakest but it still carries quite well.  I would have dialed it up a touch more more but I can say it is dialed way up from the soaps.  If you are familiar with the Fine Accoutrements Santal Absolut offering, this is very similar in scent, weaker in strength but WAY better in performance.  There is a touch of alcohol to give a slightest of burns, but you are left with a nice hydrated skin feel.  There is just the slightest hint of tackiness on the skin on initial application but it goes away fast.  Ken did a great job on this base and if you are looking for a workhorse splash that will pair with a lot of scents, this is an offering that really deserves a look.

A fantastic shave today before we prep to hit the road again.  All for now – J



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