Razor: Gillette Fatboy on 3 (Rhodium revamp from Razor Emporium)
Blade: Gillette Nacet
Brush: Yaqi Cashmere Synthetic
Soap: Stiriling Soap Co Hipster
Aftershave: Stiriling Soap Co Hipster
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

It has arrived….. finally, after over 7 months, I got my 2 razors back from Razor Emporium.  The first, I’m using today is my Gillette Fatboy (G1, 1961) that was revamped in Rhodium.  The second razor, the Gem Jr Bar that I had revamped in nickel.  Both look amazing, I’m extremely happy with the results.  I have included a few close ups below.  I will rail on Razor Emporium for a second though.  I hate to call out vendors and artisans, especially when they do excellent work, but the process was painful and took entirely too long.  At the time I sent it in, I believe the website said 4-6 weeks turnaround.  Even now it says 6-8 weeks turnaround due to covid.  That is a far cry from 7 months.  And in that time, communication was spotty, often ignored or with timelines not met.  I was honestly worried that I would never get my razors back.  I know this in the times of covid but that isn’t an excuse for not staying on top of communication.  If I someone asked me about me experience I can say they do great work, but honestly, I doubt I would send them anything again.

But I digress…. the software I’m using today with this beauty Fatboy is Hipster from Stirling Soap Co.  I received a sample of this a while ago and liked it so much I needed to get the set.  Scent notes on this are amber, coffee, musk, leather, wood, citrus, floral and vetiver.  I believe this is an original scent by Stirling but if not, please correct me if I’m wrong (because adding a matching fragrance would be sweet).  This scent is very fresh and clean.  The darker and complex notes of leather/musk/wood to my nose are quite subtle.  I am getting more of the fresh floral and vetiver along with the sweet amber/citrus.  Scent strength is about a medium or slightly less.

Performance is good old consistent Stirling Soap Co.  This base is tried and true, very dependable.  Over time I have learned to get more out of the base.  Cushion is excellent, slickness very good, and post shave is above average.  I find every time I use Stirling my experience gets just a little bit better.  Got a fantastic shave today.  I was worried the revamp might change the performance of the Fatboy but even with the redone thicker plating, no issues, everything was aligned right and it was as good as I remember it.

For the post, I used the matching splash.  I found the splash to be a bit heavier in the grassy vetiver side of things.  No complaints, it still smelled great but definitely a change from the soap.  The aftershave doesn’t have a lot going for it in the skin food side of things but it does the job and smells great.   A great start to the day.

All for now – J



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