Razor: Gem Junior Bar
Blade: Fan Single Edge
Brush: Spiffo 2 band
Soap: D.R. Harris Marlborough Shaving Cream

Well…. they can’t all be fantastic shaves.  I picked up this vintage Gem Junior Bar from an antique store earlier this summer.  I love the look of this little guy and I got it for a fantastic deal.  I hadn’t used a single edge before so I was looking forward to giving this guy a go.  I knew blades would be hard to find and they had some vintage NOS blades with so I grabbed them as well (finest Swedish steel).  It is the blades that let me down I’m certain.

I picked up a couple tubes of D.R. Harris on the buy and sell as I wanted to give them a go.  Marlborough is described as Cedar, Sandalwood and a notes of spice.  To my nose, this smells similar to Proraso Red.  I didn’t mind the scent, but it wouldn’t be one I would normally reach for.  Performance wise, this was the same as Taylor of Old Bond Street for me.  Super easy to get a rich and dense lather, not the slickest and not the greatest post shave, but more than adequate.

The shave it self, it felt a bit rough.  Not quite tugging but there was definitely a lot of blade feel and it just didn’t feel like it was effortlessly slicing thru the hair.  I wasn’t expecting a lot to be honest given the age of the blades.  I do have a sample coming of some better blades so I’m looking forward to revisiting.  I was pleasantly surprised when I used the Alum block that I had very little sting.  No weepers to speak of, so I think I had the angle and technique down for this guy.  I’m optimistic my next go with this little gem will be a win.

Happy Hump Day all!



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