Razor: Yaqi double open comb
Blade: Voskhod
Brush: Spiffo Two Band
Soap: Scheermonnik 1778
Aftershave: Prohibition Style Bourbon Barrel

#samplesaturday I had to pull this sample of Scheermonnik when I heard the unfortunate news they were closing up shop.  This is my first go with a Scheermonnik product and I recently got this sample graciously included with my recent Spiffo purchase.

Off the sample, the 1778 smells full on Tobacco/Honey.  The lilac and spice notes are quite subtle, and every now and then I get that hint of fruit fully coming thru.  I loaded a small amount in the bowl and had no issue getting a nice dense lather.  Unfortunately I knew I was going to have an issue right away, an ingredient in the soap is giving me a bit of a reaction.  It is subtle, but there is a tiny burn before even touching the skin with the razor.  I pressed thru.  Cushion was ok as was slickness.  Residual slickness wasnt really there for me.  No hitting the same spot with a blade without applying more soap for sure.

The Yaqi DOC (or the Mellon as they have renamed it) is easily one of my favorite razors.  It isnt as smooth as my Karve, Merkur 37c, Fatboy, or Rockwell 6c but it is still pretty darn good.   The feedback is fantastic, and I think the second open comb just makes it glide that much smoother.  The low profile head to the mix makes for easy navigating in the awkward areas.  Add the low pricepoint and awesome looks and you can see why I dig this guy.

For the post today I used the Prohibition Style Bourbon Barrel I got from Stonefield.  Scent is nice, not really my jam, but solid scent strength.  I won’t rate the performance today given the soap issues roughing up the skin a bit.  I can tell you I have a bottle of Prohibition Style Mary Pickford and I find the performance pretty good.



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