Razor: Ever-Ready 1912
Blade: Personna Gem PTFE single edge
Brush: DS Cosmetic Captain synthetic
Soap: Stirling Soap Company Sandpiper
Aftershave: Stirling Soap Company Sandpiper
Other: Oil Perfumery La Nuit de L’Homme Intense

I’m forgoing #samplesaturday this week. We are off to the small business Christmas party put on by Prairie Sky Chamber of Commerce so it is a rare occasion where I can fire on some serious scent. For the shave today I went with Sandpiper from Stirling Soaps, modelled after YSL La Nuit de l’Homme. I’m heading out smelling like a boss 🙂

A new brush hit the den this week. I picked up this DS Cosmetic brush online a few weeks ago. The unique brush shape caught by eye and I like the simplicity of the gloss black handle and tuxedo style knot. The knot is 26mm. It isn’t your typical tuxedo knot, not nearly as soft, with a bit more skritch and backbone. It isn’t as luxurious as the typical tuxedo but it sure got the job done. The brush feel is very different based on the shape but I wouldn’t say it added or subtracted from the shave.

I also finally got my single edge Personna PTFE blades in. I’ve been looking forward to giving the 1912 another go. Man do I like this thing. It is very different than your standard DE. Nice and smooth, but the blade feel is where it’s at. With the blade having much more rigidity, it feels like shaving with a straight. Feedback is bang on as well. I love this razor, I need to get it re-plated to bring it back to its former glory. Thanks to my good friend Distorted Edge Shaving for hooking me up on this.

As for the soap and splash, I’ve said it all before, a really nice combo. Easy to lather, nice slickness, cushion and post shave. A product line everyone should have in their den. Price point is great, scent strength is really good and performance is always great. If you like cologne scented soap/splashes then Stirling makes some of the best dups. This is one of the lines I always point new shavers to for its great value.

I finished up with another dup, an Oil Perfumery fragrance oil. For a few bucks this is a great way to try an assortment of scents. They smell fantastic and staying power is on point. A great shave, all cleaned up for the Christmas party.




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