Razor: Rockwell 6c on 4
Blade: Sharp Durablade
Brush: CSB Plisson Synthetic
Soap: Victory Shave Company Gunner
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

#samplesaturday Today I riffled thru the sample pile and this offering from Victory Shave Company caught my eye.  A quick google and I discovered this is a soy wax formulation, which I’ve been quite interested in since discovering this stearic acid alternative.

Masculine Musk and Citrus with a light floral note is the description from the website.  Honestly, I couldn’t tell, I got barely anything off the sample when I pushed it in the bowl.  Lathering was a fairly easy task, I was able to get an abundant lather and it took a fair amount of water.  The texture didn’t really excite me though, it felt airy and almost stiff.   When I worked it on my face it just didn’t have much face feel to it.  Scent wise I was hoping it would jump but even after a solid lather it was basically scentless to me.  That can sometimes happen with a sample over time so I don’t want to judge that too harshly.   For cushion, it wasn’t great, and slickness was average.  I did find residual slickness maintained quite well after a pass, so there was that.  The post shave was also quite good, I could have gone without a post shave product no problem.

This was my first use with a Sharp Durablade.  I’m not sure were I got this blade from but I enjoyed it.  It felt quite smooth.  I find the Rockwell on 4 is kind of a tipping point for me where sometimes blades fail me.  It is a great spot for me to test a blade I’m on the fence about, and this one passed with flying colours.

In the end, an adequate shave, nice and smooth.  Not a big win on the soap, it was OK, nothing that excited me but performed well enough to get a DFS.



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