Razor: Karve CB on D
Brush: Thirsty Badger 3D printed silvertip badger
Soap: Copper Hat Lumberjack

Boxing day shave, and while many folks are out in the hustle trying to score the best boxing day deal, I’m enjoying the winter of the great white North. Today I used Copper Hat Lumberjack for my shave before hitting the trail for a little sledding with the boy.

Copper Hat is a subtle scented, very hard puck of shave soap. It comes in a somewhat delicate tin and the labels aren’t waterproof. The packaging is something that won’t blow you away for sure. If you like an aggressive scent this wow you either. It is a woodsy scent, tobacco, cedarwood and sage. I decided to bloom the puck while I did my prep. I then poured the bloom water in my travel bowl and hit is with a fairly dry badger brush (a prototype 3D printed handle I travel with sometimes). I was almost able to get a perfect lather with just the bloom water (and likely could have if I was using one of my more trusted brushes). I went back to the puck and loaded a bit more and was able to get a really nice, dense lather. It had good slickness and cushion, good protection even in a couple of sensitive spots from a rough shave yesterday. A nice quick 3 pass shave. Where this soap really shines is the post shave, I was left feeling really smooth and hydrated. A really nice soap at a budget price point. If you like subtle scents and don’t mind the packaging this would be a good soap for you.

Now to finish packing….. back to the grind tomorrow.



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