Razor: Yaqi Mellon
Blade: Derby Premium
Brush: Paragon Synthetic
Soap: Chiseled Face Sherlock
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

#samplesaturday This Sherlock sample has been sitting in my sample pile for a while and for some reason I just never seem to grab it.
Today that was going to change. Unfortunately, when you have a sample too long, sometimes the scent will fade on you. Today, I believe that to be the case. The scent profile on this one is warm tobacco blended with toasted caramel, black pepper, moist dirt, and finished with a touch of leather, moss, mandarin, honey and rose. I do get that vibe but it is very subtle, understated and very low on scent strength. I’m fairly certain that is sample scent death as my experience with Chiseled Face soaps have been dialled up in the scent strength quite a bit. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt on that one.

I loaded a small amount in the bowl and hit it with my Paragon that had been soaking in warm water. There was a bit too much moisture in the brush when I hit the sample as I was greeted with a very bubbly and light lather. Rather than reload, I continued to work the lather very patiently and while it took a bit longer than typical, I eventually got the nice thick lather I was hoping for by working the air out. This soap can take some water and I was rewarded with a huge bowl full of lather with the smallest of sample load. I proceeded with the shave using my Yaqi Mellon and a Derby Premium blade. The lather was plenty cushioning, and had nice slickness. No complaints. Even on the third blade use I was able to get a nice smooth shave with no cuts or weepers. A great shave to start the weekend. Too bad I didn’t get the full Sherlock experience. Lesson for the day….. don’t hold on to those samples too long.



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