Razor: Karve CB on D
Blade: Voskhod
Brush: Spiffo two band badger
Soap: Grooming Department Angel

I was recently PIFed this tub of Grooming Department Angel. Today was the day I give it a go. I previously had Grooming Department make is way through my den. That Grooming Dept Mallard – Earl Grey Gelato soap was in the Duck fat base. My first impression was that it smelled funky off the puck, was nicer once lathered, but I wasn’t sure I liked the scent. This Angel soap base is in their lamb tallow, and guess what? My first impression is that it smells funky off the puck, is nicer once lathered, and I wasn’t too sure about the scent. The opening scent to me smelled VERY similar to the Earl Grey Gelato soap.

Mandarin, Blackcurrant, Fruit Accord, Cedarwood, Oud, Myrrh, Rose, Ambergris, Amber, Opoponax, Guaiacwood and Musk are the scent notes on this soap. As I lathered up the soap, the funky scent went away and I got a nicely blended scent. The masculine notes of Oud and Amber played well with the fruit and floral notes. Scent strength was midstrong but not over powering. The base on this soap is fantastic. While not creating a huge dense lather, you do get a really slick and glossy yogurt texture. Slickness and Cushion are fantastic and post shave is damn fine. I really enjoyed the soap, a huge win on the soap base. I do feel like something common to their different soap bases might be imparting some scent to the product as I definitely thought them very similar prior to lathering. I’ll watch for that as more Grooming Department product hits my den.

As for the scent, I can say it did stick with me for a while after the shave and as the morning went on I really started to like it. I could see this one growing on me.




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