Razor: Gillette Fat Handle Tech
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword
Brush: Ever-Ready Two Band Badger
Soap: Herc Soaps Ration

I’ve always been drawn to Herc Soaps.  The label work and theme they carry I really connect with.  The sent combinations are always a bit different from the norm.  I had previous experience with Morning Bliss (if you like coffee and mint, order this one today) but hadn’t taken the opportunity to add more.  Recently during the Cyber Monday sale at Stonefield Shaving Company, I added a tub of Ration to my den.  It was a tough call on the choice, but I opted for this based on the scent profile of Peach, Ginger and Citrus.

I really like the somewhat smaller tubs that Herc releases in.  Price point is excellent as well.  You still get a net weight of 4oz and being a harder soap it will last you a good while.  The scent on this reminds me a bit of Dirty Ginger from The Club without the Tobacco/Booze.  I absolutely loved that scent but I got a bit of irritation from it.  I’m happy to report no issues with this.  You get a nice bright peach/citrus with a nice little twinge of ginger, a really well blended scent.  Scent strength is just on the lighter side of medium.

The formulation on this is a fairly basic vegan with shea and castor.  For me it lathers and performs very well.  In no time you get a very creamy lather that can take a lot of water.  Slickness (lathered and residual) are both good.  Cushion is excellent.  The post shave is OK, nothing amazing but you could certainly get by without a post.  With the vintage Ever-Ready brush and Gillette razor I was able to get a fantastic shave.

I’m honestly surprised you don’t see more of Herc Soaps posted around.  The scents are great and unique, and the packaging artwork really elevates the product.  If you don’t have a Herc Soap in the arsenal, I highly recommend adding one.  I know I will be adding more in the future.  A fantastic Sunday morning shave.



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