Razor: Yaqi Double Open Comb
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword
Soap: Mickey Lee Soapworks The Kracken
Aftershave: Nivea Balm
Other: Davidoff Cool Water EDT

#samplesaturday I received a shipment from Yaqi yesterday that I was super excited about.  Along with some brush knots, I also got a couple razor heads and this double open comb razor.  When I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  I wasn’t sure how it would shave but it sure looked cool.  The previous Yaqi head I have used was so-so, so I wasnt sure what to expect.

First off, this razor has nice weight.  The handle is composed of brass for sure.  The pieces of the head fit tother tightly, no play.  I think that is partly to do with the blue finish as the zinc coated head I received has a tiny bit of play.  Blade alignment looked correct so I lathered up and went to work.

I went with the blue of the razor and decided to make it a nautical day.  I pulled this MLS Kracken sample to give a go.  I would describe it as a barbershop with an ocean vibe.  A cool ocean breeze comes to mind.  The base of the MLS soaps is great and it lathered up like a dream…. I had lather for days.

The razor may look aggressive but it really wasn’t. It was about middle of the road on aggression.  The double open comb design gave it one distinctive feature during the shave, noise.  This razor made a tonne of chatter noise.  I liked it, it was really nice feedback.  The handle itself was a tad slippery, a combination of the finish and design led itself to that.  I’m going to get a different handle with some knurling on the other yaqi head to compare.  I really enjoyed the shave with this razor.  I will definitely be adding this to the rotation.

Post shave, I opted for the unscented Nivea.  I find this product to be very nice and it is one of my go to balms if I have a rough shave.  That wasnt the case today, but it fit the vibe of the shave.  And then to finish off the nautical theme, and since it is the weekend, I gave the Davidoff Cool Water a go.  A fantastic shave to start the weekend.



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