Razor: Gem Micromatic Bullet Tip
Blade: Gem Personna PTFE SE
Brush: Wild West Brushworks Bobcat Synthetic
Soap: Mystic Water Soap Leather & Smoke
Aftershave: Long Rifle Voyageur

I recently was given this Mystic Water shave soap sample in a trade package I recently received. I have’t had a chance to try a Mystic Water Soap and Leather & Smoke sounds like a scent that would be up my alley. A perfect sample for my #samplesaturday

The soap is a tallow based, fairly firm shave base. Scent on this was very mild off the puck. It did jump up a bit once lathered but I’d still say it was on the lighter side of mid for scent strength. As with all samples, that could completely be due to age or scent death in the package. I pressed a generous amount of the sample in the bottom of my lather bowl and hit it with a slightly damp brush.
I found it a bit trickier to lather compared to my typical shave soap, but a little patience and I was able to work out all the bubbles and get a stable lather. Structure was good, a slight sheen but not a lot of density. Not a thirsty soap by any stretch. I didn’t dare add more water as I think the risk of it falling apart was high. Slickness was above average, but residual slickness wasn’t quite as good. I wouldn’t risk buffing or shaving without visible lather. Post shave was below average for me as well, I felt it was a touch drying on the skin.

The razor I used today was my Micromatic bullet tip. I love the look of this razor but so far it has been an adventure. The razor itself is quite mild but for some reason I got a significant bite from the razor. I actually needed the styptic pencil today. Yikes. The few times I’ve used this razor I seem to be getting a nice smooth shave and just as I’m about to finish the last pass she bites me. I still think it is me getting used to the razor as the mildness tricks me into a false sense of security. I’m not giving up on it yet.

While the shave soap my have been mild, the splash I used today was nothing but. Long Rifle Voyageur is exactly as described, an in your face sandalwood, oakmoss and patchouli. I really dig this scent. The base is witch hazel, alcohol, coconut oil and aloe vera. It is a nice burn of alcohol (a touch extreme on the gash) but a little bit of extra skinfood leaving me nice and hydrated. A great finish to the shave.



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