Razor: Rockwell 6c on 3
Brush: Yaqi Angry Zebra Synthetic
Soap: Chiseled Face Panda

I got this sample last week and I needed to give it a go, so today I did a rare #samplesunday.  Today’s soap was Chiseled Face Panda.  This is a collaboration with Zoologist Perfurmes and by the scent, you can tell it is a done with an experienced perfurmer.  The scent is strong (I’d give it a 10/10, it is carrying with me like an aftershave) and it is complex.  ZP describes it as:

Top Notes: Apple, Magnolia, Mandarin, Lily, Osmanthus, Ozone, Tea
Heart Notes: Amber, Earthy Notes, Jasmine, Orris, Patchouli
Bottom Notes: Civet*, Musk*, Sandalwood, Vanilla

It is a wonderful and complex scent.  It has a fantastic musky/peppery note with it.  Very strong and masculine.  I really wish I had the EDT to pair with it.  I love that the scent carries with it post shave, but it would be one I’d have to pass on for work days (scent free work place).  The CF base is excellent.  A small load of sample in the Thirsty Badger lather bowl left lather for days.  I used the Yaqi Angry Zebra synthetic today for the Panda vibe of the knot.  It whipped up a great lather.  This lot is super soft but doesnt have the backbone of the other Yaqi synthetics I’ve tried.  Still a great brush.  The Rockwell was dialed in as well.  I love weekend shaves because I don’t have to be concerned about carrying a scent and I get to take my time and really enjoy the shave.  Today, 3 passes and a perfect BBS shave.



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