Razor: Karve CB on B
Blade: Gillette 7 O’Clock SharpEdge Yellows
Brush: Rubberset 26mm Cashmere Synthetic
Soap: Like Grandpa Lavender
Aftershave: Like Grandpa Lavender

As I mentioned last shave, the boys at BBS.Live run a weekly #themeweek and the one chosen starting today is near and dear to my heart.  To play along this week you just post your SOTD on Facebook or Instagram using some or all Canadian made products and tag #CanadaWeek.  My shave den is bountiful with amazing Canadian made products so the challenge I’m going to have is narrowing it down to 7 SOTD combinations.  With the exception of the DE blades (because I haven’t found any I liked) I plan to use 100% Canadian products.

To start the theme week off, I chose Like Grandpa Lavender as a nod to Melly Mel.  I know he is a big fan of Lavender scents so this seemed a rather fitting choice.  Like Grandpa is an artisan out of Edmonton, AB.  Their lineup of beard and shave products come in straight forward single note fragrances.  Lavender is one of my favourites, along with the Wild Rose and Sandalwood scents.  This particular Lavender has a bit of a spicy herbaceous vibe and is what I would call masculine.  Scent strength on this one is one the lighter side of medium.

The soap base itself is a fairly straight forward vegan base.  Ken formulated this base to be easy to lather in all types of water.  The resulting lather is dense and has very good volume.  His goal of easy to lather is achieved, I find it effortless to get a properly dialled in lather.  Shave metrics of cushion and slickness are all good.  The post shave can be a touch drying depending on your skin so I would suggest a post shave product.  Like Grandpa has a balm that I really enjoy for harsh Canadian winters but today I reached for the splash.  This is a fairly new formulation they added (and admittedly I was a tester for) and I think they did a fantastic job.  The scent strength is dialled up a touch to be medium or slightly stronger.  There is a bit of alcohol in the base but it is also enriched with a good amount of quality skin food.    Everything absorbs really well and my skin is left nice and hydrated.  If you are looking for really good performing aftershaves that will pair with a tonne of different shaves and fragrances, I highly recommend giving them a look.

Razor today was the Karve CB.  Karve is the razor that has really put Canada on the map in terms of razor quality.  This razor is elite level good with a very reachable price-point.  Fit and finish gets top marks, and it competes with any razor on the market.  I find this razor makes even the worst blades usable (well almost…. looking at you Tiger blades).  I’ve taken blades I considered subpar and paired with this razor to get decent shaves.   That high level of quality and the fact  there are plates available in every aggression level enabling you to find one that fits your comfort level makes this razor a must buy in my books.

Lastly, the brush today is a vintage Made-In-Canada Rubberset.  I picked this guy up and restored it myself.  In doing so I expanded the knot hole and installed a 26mm Cashmere synthetic knot, probably my favourite of all knots.  This handle is a classic style, is very comfortable and has stood the test of time.  Everyone needs a great vintage brush in their collection and I’m happy that this particular one just happens to be Canadian.

A great shave today and the perfect way to start of #CanadaWeek.  All for now – J



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