Razor: Yaqi Mellon
Blade: Wilkinson Sword
Brush: Yaqi Tuxedo Synthetic
Soap: Wickham Soap Co. Magnum
Aftershave: Wickham Soap Co. Magnum

A friend and I recently picked up a small soap lot and this was in his side of the haul.  We got everything shipped to me to save on shipping which meant I got to give all his stuff a quick sniff test.  This one caught my senses and he was gracious enough to let me give it a spin.

The scent on this is fresh and masculine.  Scent notes are lemon, basil, rosewood, musk and amber.  It has a nice balance of sweet and musky to it.  The rosewood adds a nice balance to the mix.  Scent strength on this is on the stronger side which suits me just fine.  The base itself is quite average.  It is a pretty typical vegan base, it loads and lathers fairly easily.  Cushion is average, as was slickness.  I was surprised that the post shave was good enough that I could skip a post shave product….. but barely.

I tried to use the matching post shave pictured but wasn’t able to.  That is my beef with these airless pumps for certain balms.  I think something is dried up inside the dispenser causing a blockage.  I have tried a couple remedies for this in the past (a warm water soak or a paper clip dig) but since this wasn’t my gear, I opted to just skip the balm for the day.  Luckily the soap was just good enough that it wasn’t a problem.

Had a fantastic shave today with the Yaqi Mellon.  This may be my favourite razor in the den, which is surprising given the price point and the other hardware I own.  It isn’t the smoothest or best quality but something about it just speaks to me.  I get a nice smooth shave every time, it works with a variety of blades and I love the audible feedback this design creates.



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