Razor: ALE 9/8″ 1/2 hollow
Brush: Paragon Synthetic
Soap: First Canadian Shave Barbershop
Aftershave: First Canadian Shave Barbershop

I’ve been looking forward to this shave for a while so much so I opted for a rare evening shave today.  Today I’m highlighting a few of my favourite Canadian products as well as a new Canadian made razor in my den.  I have been taken with the ALE razors (made in Quebec) ever since I saw one posted on our CWS Facebook group.  Once I had a bit more confidence with a straight and when the right one popped up for sale, I was going to be ready to pounce.  This was on my must get list for 2020… I was surprised things came together so quickly.  It is an absolute beauty of a razor, the craftsmanship is stunning.  The blade came honed perfectly, it was super smooth.  I was a little intimidated off the hop, this has a lot more size and heft than anything else I’ve used.  It took a little adjusting to get used to the light touch and let the razor weight do the work.  As such, I opted for a 2 pass, perfectly acceptable shave tonight.  No cuts, knicks or drama, but I didn’t want to push it.

The software tonight is the Barbershop offering from First Canadian Shave.  I picked this up shortly after trying the sample I was given #SampleForTheWin.  The scent is fantastic.  Lemon, bergamot, lavender, patchouli, rosemary, sandalwood, and tobacco.  It is a bright barbershop with lemon being the note that carries the day.  It is backed by a subtle earthiness and as the scent rounds out you pick up the tobacco.  It is on the lighter side of medium for me, I wish it was punched up a touch, but it isn’t so light I was disappointed by it.  Having used the newest base now from FCS for several shaves, I’m 100% sold.  This base is fantastic and keeps up with all the heavy hitters.  It loads and lathers quite easily, slightly lower volume with a nice sheen.  It goes on feeling rich and buttery.  Cushion is excellent, as is the slickness.  Post shave was fantastic as well.  Nothing about this base I don’t love.  The older bases never did a lot for me but this new line is the bees knees.  If you don’t have one in your den, add it.

I could have skipped the post today, but why when there is a matching splash?  The formulation is quite good here as well.  Scent is also on the lighter side of medium but my skin was left feeling nice and refreshed post.

Of course this Canadian shave wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the brush.  This Paragon is still standing tall in amongst my crowded shave brush collection.  The handle is extremely comfortable and the 28mm plisson synthetic knot is a dream to lather with.  It has the perfect balance of softness and backbone and still remains a go to for my shaves.  Nothing performs as consistently with any soap as this Paragon.

What a fantastic start to the weekend!  Have a great one all!



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