Razor: RazoRock Old Type Open Comb
Blade: Super-Max Super Platinum
Brush: Rubberset with Cashmere Synthetic
Soap: Herc Soap Co. Morning Bliss

Too many new additions to the den to do a Sample Saturday today (might be a common theme for the next couple weeks).  This will be my first go with an offering from Herc Soap Co.  I picked up this Morning Bliss soap from Stonefield Shaving.  The scent notes of coffee, mint and vanilla sounded like an interesting combo and, as is the case when I online shop, the label really caught my eye.

The very first thing I noticed….. no ingredients listed on the packaging.  (another pet peeve of mine)  Luckily a quick google and I was able to locate the details from the Herc Soap Co website.  This is a vegan base, fairly firm.  When you open the lid you are hit with the blast of sweetness, with the base note anchored in coffee.  It is fantastic.  Scent strength is strong, both on the puck and lathered.  To me I smell Irish Coffee, very much like the scent I get when I add Irish Creamer to a strong cup of Java, so much so that I had to quickly pour myself a cup before I commenced the shave.

The soap lathered like a dream, I got a really dense lather with no effort.  I love when artisans use Shea Butter in their soap, it gives a nice creamy richness to the lather.  Slickness (lathered and residual) were both quite good.  Post shave was decent, I wouldn’t skip a post shave in the winter but in the summer months you definitely could.  A really nice shave.  The only issue I had (other than the missing ingredient list) was that I lacked an aftershave that paired well in my den.  I opted to use a generic unscented balm I had on hand just to hydrate up.

For the hardware today, I grabbed my RazoRock Old Type Open Comb, the first DE I purchased that got me started.  The razor is OK, but it doesn’t hold up to some of the newer gear I have since acquired.  I get a close shave but it just doesn’t feel as smooth as the other razors I’m using these days.  Price point wise though, it is a decent starter DE and it looks fantastic.  I will pull it out from time to time when I feel like reminiscing.  I do look forward to passing this one on to my son when it is time for his first shave.



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