Razor: Ever-Ready 1912
Blade: Personna Single Edge PTFE
Brush: Rubberset Cashmere Synthetic
Soap: Cold River Soap Works Colonia Mediterranea
Other: Zoha Aroma Invictus Aqua Inspired

Today I figured would be a great day to roll with an aquatic scent.  Up today is this recent acquisition from Cold River Soap Works.  Colonia Mediterrana is a really nice aquatic cologne scent.  It is described as aquatic, citrus and herbal.  Scent strength is on the lighter side of medium, which I find pretty typical for me with aquatic scents.

This particular soap is in the Cold River Soap Works ‘Glide’ base, a triple butter & tallow formulation.  This would be a mid-soft base.  For me, I didn’t get the large pillow of lather rather, I got a very silky and creamy textured lather.  I wouldn’t say it was overly thirsty, I was able to get a nice sheen to the lather without adding a tremendous amount of water.  I found performance to be really nice.  Cushion was good, slickness (lathered and residual) very good, so much so I almost lost the razor in hand.  Post shave was really nice as well.  I was able to get a really smooth 3 pass shave.

I’m really enjoying this Ever-Ready SE.  The razor feels very different than the DE razors I typically shave with.  It is hard to describe, but I can tell there is a bit more rigidity to the blade.  I don’t know if this will be the case with all SE razors, but I intend to find out 🙂  I highly recommend adding one to your collection.

For the post today, I just added a touch of unscented balm to ensure the cold prairie winter doesn’t continue to wreak havoc on my skin.  I then followed up with a couple swiped of my Zoha Aroma Invictus Aqua inspired fragrance oil.  I find this aquatic/woodsy scent was a really nice match for the soap and left me smelling like a boss.  An awesome shave for the day.



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