Razor: Rockwell 6s on 4
Blade: Gillette Wilkinson Sword
Brush: Sloyd 24mm Timberwolf Synthetic
Soap: Talbot Shaving Authors Ridge
Aftershave: Maol Grooming Authors Ridge

Today in #CanadaWeek PartDeux I decided to feature a collaboration between an awesome Canadian artisan and a very well respected American one.  Maol Grooming is based out of Ontario and initially started just making their own line of aftershaves.  In 2019, they starting collaborating with Talbot Shaving to make all of the aftershave splashes for future Talbot releases.  It is truly awesome to see these artisans come together.

The scent on Authors Ridge is a very bold and in your face scent that won’t be for everyone.  This is dark, slightly sharp autumn scent.  I couldn’t find any details on specific notes but I’d say you get a spicy earthiness with fall leaves.  If you have ever smelled Barrister and Mann Fougere Gothique, this has a very similar vibe and I would say it is a more approachable version of that.  Scent strength is just a touch under strong.  Performance wise, the Talbot base is top tier.  It doesn’t require a lot of water but it will take it.  That makes it very easy to lather.  Cushion, Slickness and Post Shave are all top tier and competes with anything out there.

The splash from Maol Grooming is a perfect scent match and has enough strength to carry for quite a while.  If you haven’t used Maol Grooming splashes you owe it to yourself to get one.  This alcohol/witch hazel base has plenty of skin food and performance wise, it is best in class.  After using this your skin will feel amazing.  They recently added an unscented version of their splash so if you aren’t sold in this scent, that is a great post shave option for you.  I may just pick up one of those myself.

A fantastic shave today.  All for now – J



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