Razor: Karve CB on C
Blade: Rapira Platinum Lux
Brush: Sloyd 22mm Silvertip
Soap: Stonefield Shaving Company Three Six & Charlie
Aftershave: Stonefield Shaving Company Three Six & Charlie splash
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

Last day of #CanadaWeek Part Deux.    Today I’m shaving with one of my favourite scents in wet shaving coming from one of my favourite shaving vendors in Canada, Stonefield Shaving Company.  Along with carrying many different men’s grooming products, Jonathan has partnered with a few Canadian artisans to offer some unique Stonefield Shaving branded products.  He offers customer service that is second to none and what I really like about his offerings is that he goes out of his way to not only pickup smaller artisans people don’t hear about, he also has a passion for carrying Canadian made products.

Three Six & Charlie is a scent that is currently unobtainium.  I really hope it makes a comeback and I keep poking Jonathan from time to time about it (as I can see the bottom of my tub).  Scent notes on this are Bergamot, Irish Tweed, Coffee, and Pipe Tobacco.   This gives a rich, almost cocoa like coffee scent with a masculine pipe tobacco.  The Green Irish Tweed brightens this up and gives it that distinguished gentleman vibe.  It is an awesome scent.  If this came in an EDT I would buy it in a heartbeat.  Scent strength is nice and strong but I would wear this one all day if it carried that long.

The soap base it self is very very hard.  I’d say this is harder than MDC if you are familiar with it.  As such it can be tricky to lather and this is one soap I highly suggest blooming.  Performance isn’t with the upper echelon of shave soaps but you will get enough of all metrics to have an awesome shave.  Post shave is about average so having a good matching splash is a preferred.

The matching splash on this has a great strong scent as well.  Performance on this is good.  No alcohol, so no burn and there is enough skin food to leave you nice and hydrated.  This particular scent will carry at least a few hours for me so that is a nice plus.

Brush today is a silvertip badger with a locally made Sloyd handle.  I love natural wood handles and this is no exception.  The knot is a smaller diameter but I find that works for dense badger brushes like this one.  It is nimble enough to load from smaller tubs and tins while having enough splay to make a great lather either in the bowl or on the face.  I love the shapes of the Sloyd handles as they differ a bit from the normal styles you tend to see.  This one of simple but classy looking and very comfortable to hold.

A fantastic shave today and I’m smelling like an absolute boss.  Already got the nod of approval from the wife 🙂

All for now – J



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