SOTD – January 22, 2018 #westernweek

Razor: Gillette Tech
Brush: Omega Boar
Soap: Archaic Alchemy Agave

Up today in #westernweek, we are headed South of the border to Mexico.  I was excited to have this soap PIFed alongside a recent trade.  This offering, Agave, is from Archaic Alchemy out of Mexico City.    For me, the scent is subtle.  I catch floural notes with a bit of a peppery note.  It was quite pleasant.  The soap lathered up quite nicely, and gave decent protection and glide.  Not the best soap I ever used, but pretty decent for sure.  I have a trip to Mexico coming up in the near future, so I’m hoping I can find some other Archaic Alchemy products while I’m there.  A nice shave to start the week.



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