SOTD – January 23, 2018 #westernweek

Razor: Gillette Tech
Brush: Omega Boar
Soap: Mason Boutique High Noon
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

Next up in #westernweek is this offering from Mason Boutique, High Noon.  Sadly, Mason Boutique is no longer making soap so this is soon to be unubtanium. Disappointing since the soap performs very well, is easy to lather, and the scent profile on this is great.   Sweetgrass, Cedar, Sage, Coal, Tar, Gunpowder and Leather.  I wish the scent strength was a bit stronger since it smells so nice.  You definitely get that western vibe.  I have another MB sample, Octane, that I really like and I own the Teakwood, Leather and Mahogany soap which is fantastic.  This artisan will be missed for sure.

Anyways, on to the shave.  As I mentioned earlier, the soap lathered and performed very well.  I could have done a 5 pass shave had I wanted.  I really enjoyed using the Omega Boar today as well, I may have to pull this guy out of the den more often.  Maybe I just wasn’t giving it enough time to break in before I began passing it over for the badger and my synthetics.  The Gilllette Tech has been my driver for much of #westernweek and never disappoints.  I love this razor, very mild and I get success with almost any blade.  If it only had more weight to it, it would be the perfect razor IMHO.

A great Tuesday shave.





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