Razor: Yaqi Mellon
Blade: Derby Platinum
Brush: Simms Best Badger
Soap: Goodfellas Smile Savage

Another Winners find….. I picked this up a while ago with a few other things in the Winners shaving area.   It had an interesting scent, cool label and a cheap price, so I figured why not?  This is an offering from Goodfellas’ Smile Shaving Soap and I’m fairly certain this is made for them by Tcheon Fung Sing (TFS).  This is your typical soft Italian style shave soap/croap.

I wanted to use this while the TFS shave from earlier this week was fresh in my memory.  That shave used a TFS pre-shave  and I wanted to see if there was a noticeable difference in the shave experience.   Again I did a heavy load with a fairly dry brush and slowly added water to get a decent lather.  As I consistently find with this style of soap, it has a higher volume/structure lather that can be a bit on the airy side.  Keep working it and adding water slowly until you dial it in.

Scent on this is nice, it has that masculine sweet amber with some robust florals included.  I get a peppery vibe in the scent.  Strength is about mid strong, lightening up a touch once lathered.    Performance again was about average across the board.  I’d say the cushion wasn’t much of a step down from the previous experience with pre-shave.  Your mileage may vary but I don’t think I’ll be adding TFS pre-shave to my shaving regimen anytime soon.

The one surprise for me today was the blade.  This was the second use on this Derby Platinum and I was surprised how smooth it was.  Yesterday it didn’t have the same smoothness with the same hardware setup.  For me, I find with feather blades the second shave is always better than the first.  The Derby Platinum experience today was the same.  It was a really pleasant surprise.

3 passes, drama free shave today.  No complaints, a great shave to start the day.



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