Razor: Haward Safety Razor
Blade: Rapira Super Steel
Brush: Copper Hat 2 Band Badger
Soap: The Club Wake the F’ Up!
Aftershave: The Club Wake the F’ Up!
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

Monday morning on a cool rainy day, that is just screaming for something a bit dark with some bold coffee.  This offering from The Club was the perfect fit.  Wake the F’up is a blend of Coffee, Oud Wood, Guaiac Wood, Sandalwood, Praline, Rose, Jasmin and Tonka Bean.  You are met with that rich and smokey oud, a touch of sweet and spice all underneath this rich note of strong coffee.  I freakin’ love this scent.  The City (also from the Club) is one of my top scents and this offering takes that scent and flips it on its side.  If you like that scent, and coffee is your jam, this would be a big win.  It certainly is here.

This offering is in Peter’s previous base which I love.  It has that perfect balance of performance and ease of use.  I’m really sad to see it retired in favour of Kaizen.  Not that Kaizen is bad, I just have grown so fond of this base.  It is like a warm blanket on a cool night, very comforting and does the job.  Luckily I have several soaps in that base, I won’t see it disappear from my den anytime soon.

The Copper Hat brush that I re-knotted is a real lather beast now.  It was actually a bit large for this small lather bowl today.  The knot has a good balance of scritch and backbone and I really like the way fan knots look and perform.  I’ll just remember to grab my larger Thirsty Badger bowl on it’s next use.

The razor, the Haward Safety Razor is a fantastic value razor you can pickup on Aliexpress.  The DE89 style head is on the milder side but efficient enough to be useful.  It has nice grip, good weight and proper balance.  You can go on autopilot with this razor and have no issues (did I mention it was a Monday morning shave?).  Paired with this blade, I got a fantastic shave.  If you are looking to get started in the hobby, this is a fantastic razor to start out with.

Killer Monday morning shave…. and luckily I have the rest of the day off to enjoy.  All for now – J



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