Razor: Ever-Ready 1912
Blade: Personna PTFE SE
Brush: Rubberset with Cashmere synthetic knot
Soap: Highland Springs Kootenay Blue
Aftershave: Highland Springs Kootenay Blue
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

I have been looking forward to acquiring this set since I first tried it on a #SampleSaturday several months ago. The name had a bit of a change (originally Kootenay Breeze) and the base formulation has changed to their premium vegan base. Packaging has also undergone an upgrade with some new labels and a wider container from the previous Highland Springs Mystic soap I had. The 3oz containers is a welcome change for me as the added width makes soap loading easier, although I did prefer the glass aftershave bottles to the plastic ones now.

The scent on this is described as slightly aquatic, green top notes, Bergamot, Lime, Jasmine, Orange and Eucalyptus. To my nose, this smells almost identical to the sample I had. I’d say the slight variance would be the change to the soap base. Scent is on the lighter side of medium off the puck but jumps to mid strong once lathered. This is a really nice and refreshing scent. The Eucalyptus is very subtle so don’t worry about it overpowering like a vapor rub. This gives a vibe of crisp mountain air without the woodsy notes often found in other similar scent profiles. I really like the scent, although if I was to make a recommendation I’d say add a touch of menthol to give a bit of cooling with it. That would really fit the vibe with this one.

The premium vegan base is quite good. It loads easily from the tub. It took a bit to dial the water in to where I like it but I was rewarded with a nice glossy lather. Slickness was quite good (lathered and residual), cushion was OK. Post shave was really nice. Given the price point of this it would be a welcome addition to any den.

The matching splash was really nice. This has no alcohol so there is no burn. I believe this has had a bit of a formula tweak as I didn’t get the tacky feeling of the previous Highland Springs splash I had. Scent matched well, although I get a bit more of a soapy smell with this. Subtle but a difference to my nose. A really nice finish to the shave.



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