Razor: RazoRock SS Lupo DC Double-Edge Razor w/ UFO Handle
Blade: Gillette 7 O’Clock Super Platinum Blacks
Brush: Rubberset 26mm Cashmere Synthetic
Soap: RazoRock New York
Aftershave: RazoRock New York Splash
Other: Davidoff Cool Water

Recently I was picking up a few RazoRock stainless steel handles (great value BTW) from Italian Barber and needed to add a little to get to a free shipping threshold.  Unsure what I wanted so I opted to just grab this New York soap and splash set as a blind by.  One thing about RazoRock products, they have a great number of products at very budget friendly prices, perfect for topping up the shopping cart.

When I got the set I opened it up and thought, this smells quite nice and quite familiar.  I couldn’t put my finger on it and the note breakdown from RazorRock of “An aquatic marine scent with green and woodsy nuances.” didn’t really help me narrow it down.  I used it a couple times and finally decided to reach out and ask if this was an homage to something, not really expecting an answer.  To my surprise I got a reply and even more surprising, it was based on a fragrance I already owned, Davidoff Cool Water.  I thought, that can’t be right and then I went and took another sniff of the tub.  Yup, it’s right, definitely Cool Water.  (As an aside I said I thought Aqua might be a dupe of Cool Water and was told that was actually an Acqua Di Gio homage.  Both have been added to the dupe list.)  Another thing about Cool Water, I’ve heard it mentioned many times that Davidoff Cool Water is actually a replica of Creed Green Irish Tweed.  I always thought people were nuts but now that I have used this soap a few times, I’m actually picking that up.  I find they open differently but on the dry down, they actually smell quite similar.  Mind blown.

This particular soap is offered in the vegan base and is a softer croap style.  It isn’t my favourite base but it is very easy to work and gives a pretty good shave if you are patient to add enough water.  Given the choice I actually prefer the hard triple milled RazoRock soaps but you certainly can’t complain given the price.  If you want to pick up a matching soap and splash set, you won’t find a better deal than RazoRock.  And while Stirling edges them out on the value soap, I’d say RazoRock is the better deal for a splash.

The matching splash doesn’t really have any skin food to speak of, it is your typical alcohol and fragrance splash.  If you like that simple formulation with that nice little alcohol kick, the RazoRock splashes would be a huge win for you.  They smell great, most are on the stronger side and they do have some staying power.

Great shave today and enjoying rocking that classic gentleman vibe.  All for now – J



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