Razor: Yaqi Double Open Comb
Soap: PannaCrema Nuàvia Rossa

#samplesaturday I love a great weekend shave.  There is something extra special about having a bit of extra time to enjoy a quality shave.  I generally fire up some tunes (today was a selection of big band tunes on Spotify) and take some time away from the world to relax and enjoy.  Today I had a bit of extra time so I pulled a sample I really wanted to take the time to appreciate.  I was given this healthy sample of Nuàvia Rossa as part of a secret santa gift I received this year.  This particular product is on the higher end cost/quality wise so I was looking forward to giving it a go.

The scent profile on this would be considered an oud.  It has notes of wood, amber, vanilla, tobacco and oriental spices.  It is a softer soap which made for easy load and lather.  I was able to whip up a great lather with this using my dense Yaqi silvertip.  A small sample was enough for 3 passes and a generous post.  The PannaCrema website says this soap is an all in one, that it can be used for an all ion one experience, pre, pro and post shave.  I think that is a bit of an oversell, I found the soap quite nice but if you are a regular user of a preshave routine, I don’t think using this would replace that.  As for the post shave, I didn’t use a balm today but I did want to add an extra splash to carry the scent, as I found the scent strength on this around a 7 and didn’t carry much longer than my rinse.  As such I opted to touch up with a splash of RazoRock Tuscan Oad.  Your millage may vary on this, but for me, I think I’d still want at least a post shave as part of a shave.  I still have a generous amount of sample left so I will see if my opinion changes on this in future shaves.

The Brier starts today so I expect to be hooked to the TV for a good part of the week.  I’ll be cheering on my good friend Steve and his rink as they try to end a long Saskatchewan drought.



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