Razor: Bigelow & Dowse 5/8
Soap: Wholly Kaw Merchant of Tobacco
Aftershave: Wholly Kaw Merchant of Tobacco

Woke up feeling brave this morning.  I decided to give the straight a full pass…. it went so well I followed up with a second pass….

Today’s combo was Merchant of Tobacco from Wholly Kaw.  I’ve mentioned before but this isn’t your typical tobacco combo.  The rich and dark cocoa comes off the puck like crazy.  WK has one of my favorite bases right now, lots of cushion and plenty slick, just right for my straight.  The aftershave it a little less cocoa and a little more tobacco, but it pairs really well.  I’ve heard some knocks on WK for mild scents, but I can’t complain.  This carries quite well and in the past has carried with me for a couple hours no problem.

The shave itself went quite well.  First pass, nice and smooth, no cuts.  Second pass, pretty good too, one small weeper, no irritation.  Curves of the face are still a bit shaky, under the chin definitely needed some post shave DE clean up, but I’m supper happy at the progress.  No extra burn or post shave irritation, so I think I have the pressure right.  Also, I have located a perfect spot for my strop and it was a much better experience with this too.

I’m well on my way.  How about you, have you tried a straight yet?  Long weekend…. no better time to get started.



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