Razor: Boker King Cutter 4/8
Brush: Elvado synthetic
Soap: Arko
Aftershave: RazoRock P.160 balm

Day 3 on my straight razor training.  Today I pulled the family heirloom Boker King Cutter to give it a first go.  I wanted to pair it up with some classic style products.  I recently acquired an Arko shave stick (that I grated into the tin you see).  It has a clean lemony soap scent.  It is very much an acquired taste, but I did quite like it.  It lathered very easily and was plenty slick.  A classic I think every traditional wet shaver should try.

I once again went for a couple passes with the straight and again had good results.  2 full passes, no cuts or nicks, a little cleanup required for a few trouble spots.  I need to work on technique for running the blade different directions, but I’m confident I’ll get there.  I cleaned up with a quick 1 pass with a DE.

For the post, I used another classic inspired scent.  I opted for this RazoRock P.160 balm.  This guy is a sweet almond/marzipan scent.  Scent strength was average (which is OK for this sweet scent) and performance was also average.  Nothing amazing, but it did the job, just what I would expect for a budget product line.  No complains, and a great shave to finish out the long weekend.  Hope everyone is having a great one!



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