Razor: Merkur 37c
Blade: Feather
Brush: Yaqi Synthetic
Soap: Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Black Bot
Other: Lego Ultimate Batmobile

“Everything’s impossible until somebody does it.”
– Batman

Proud papa. My son had his eye on this Ultimate Batmobile for quite a while. He is nuts about Lego (an enjoyment I’m happy to foster) and has several Batman Lego sets thus far. This one was the Holy Grail and cost around $170CAD. A little over a week ago he had his 6th birthday and with a little bit of birthday money it put him over the top. I was excited to take him to the toy store to make the big purchase. It was an awesome day to see him grab the box (which he could barely hold), take it to the counter and pull out his bag of bills/coins to make the big purchase. There is no smile bigger than a boy that saved and got the toy he had been longing for. A couple days ago he put the finishing touches on the build (1456 pieces), something he completed almost entirely himself (ages 10-16 pffft). I figured I just had to do an Ultimate Batmobile shave.

The hardware today, I grabbed my trusty Merkur slant and dropped in a fresh Feather blade. I figured, Batman….. let’s live on the dangerous side today. Three passes with no cuts or weepers.

For the soap I grabbed PAA Black Bot, and man do I love this soap. Musk to the extreme. I really like the PAA soap base. It is on the softer side, easy to load and lather. With my trusty black and yellow Yaqi synthetic I quickly whipped up a nice dense lather. Really nice slickness and nice post shave. My only negative with the soap is that I didn’t buy the matching splash. Stupid me.

All in all, a shave I think fitting for the dark knight.



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