Razor: Karve CB B on Overlander handle
Blade: Statum Platinum Chrome
Brush: Moon Soaps / Kent Designs 26mm Synthetic Mixed Badger
Soap: MacDuff’s Soap Company Haunted Cabin
Aftershave: MacDuff’s Soap Company Haunted Cabin

This is Halloween, this is Halloween
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night
This is Halloween, everybody make a scene
Trick or treat ’til the neighbors gonna die of fright

Happy Halloween!  Of course I needed to do a SOTD with a Halloween themed soap.  Surprisingly enough, I have almost enough Halloween themed shave soaps that I could do a Halloween theme week.  *almost*  Maybe next year.  Instead I’ll feature my newest Halloween soap…. Haunted Cabin from MacDuff’s Soap Company.  During my recent trip to Edmonton I got my nose on this and knew I had to pick it up once it released. (and not just because this is my 5th pickup in the cabin series)

Haunted Cabin has notes of Pumpkin, Sandalwood, Allspice, Orange Peel, Honey, Patchouli, and Oud.  The blend on this is fantastic.  It has a bit of a fun gourmand pop to it over this masculine base.  First thing jumping out is the gourmand notes of pumpkin, allspice, orange peek and honey.    It isn’t quite pumpkin spice (no clove or ginger) but it does fit with that scent profile.   But as you lather and shave with it, the masculine base of patchouli, sandalwood and oud come out.  It isn’t a funky or animalic oud but it rather a rich and woodsy base.  Scent strength is medium strong.  Performance is the typical MacDuff’s V4, elite.  Rich, creamy and slick.

The razor I used for the shave today is the Karve CB using my Overlander handle.  I may be in the minority but since picking up the Overlander I’m actually preferring my CB.  I’ve heard the statement that Overlander feels like a B plate but is efficient like a D.    I’d say that is accurate but with my experience thus far my skin doesn’t seem to like D efficiency nearly as much.  As such I keep gravitating back to my CB on B.  I can say the longer handle has helped me understand the angles a bit better on the CB, you very much notice the different angle it shaves at when the handle is longer.  I’ll keep playing around with the Overlander but for me, the CB is still the winner.

I finished up with the matching aftershave.  I find the gourmand pumpkin is a little less pronounced in the splash and the woodsy notes jump out a little more.   When it dries down it is absolutely fantastic.  A big win.  I have a big lineup of MacDuff’s in my den and this may be my favourite, that is saying a lot.  If you have a chance to grab this one, do it.  This one may not be around much longer and you can us this Fall, Winter and maybe Spring.  I highly recommend this one.

All for now – J



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