Razor: RazoRock Old Type with German slant head
Blade: Astra Superior Stainless
Brush: Omega Boar
Soap: Barrister and Mann Rhapsody
Aftershave: Henri et Victoria Duc de Santal Splash/Balm
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

This was my first go with a Birrster and Mann shave soap.  I picked it up online, but didnt get a chance to smell it before I bought.  I’m not 100% sure on the scent.  Typically I shy away from the floural scents and this one has a that right off the top.  I like some of the other notes in the fragrance, so I’m hoping it grows on me.  It performed great.  I paired up with HeV Duc de Santal splash/balm, which tends to be my go to for unmatched soaps.  It paired well.  The slant head continues to be a bit too aggrevice for my liking, but still gives a great shave.  And Astra continues to make my favourite blades.  Happy Friday everyone!



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