Razor: Gillette Slim on 4
Blade: Rapira Platinum Lux
Brush: Spiffo two band
Soap: Declaration Grooming Cuir et Épices
Aftershave: Declaration Grooming Cuir et Épices
Other: Thirsty Badger lather bowl

Ah, a cool fall day, a perfect day to bring out the Cuir et Épices. This dark scent from Declaration Grooming (formerly L&L Grooming) has a scent profile of leather, tobacco flower, cedar, anise, oakmoss, and patchouli. The description from the Declaration Grooming website says it all for me:

“This is what I imagine John Wayne’s kitchen smelling like – soft leather, vaguely appley, with a twist of some kind of baking spice.”

I really like Declaration Grooming base. Easy lather, nice and slick. Lesson for the day, don’t be afraid to to add a touch more water. I worked up the lather, brushed it on and thought, hmm, maybe I should see about more water…. I paint in a bit more water and the shine just popped. Nice gloss and uber slick. Just a reminder, every soap is a bit different, what works for one might need some adjustment for the next.

The Gillette Slim is a fantastic vintage razor, everyone should have either a slim or fatboy in the collection. It gives a really good shave. I wish there was a touch more feedback, but man do I get a smooth shave.

And yes….. I am keeping this new lather bowl for myself. I’ve been good, I deserve it. There are lots of other nice ones you can get from the store 😛



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