Razor: Gillette Tech made in Canada
Brush: Spiffo Two Band
Soap: Prohibition Style Mary Pickford
Aftershave: Prohibition Style Mary Pickford splash

Happy Friday everyone!  Let’s toast to the weekend being almost here with a Prohibition Style cocktail shave soap and splash.  This offering is brought to us from Prohibition Style in Calgary, AB.    Justin and co have a website offering all sorts of great shaving related products as well as offering his own line of soaps and splashes.  Many his own products have a prohibition style cocktail scent, hence the name.

Quite a while ago I had ordered a few things from Justin and was happily surprised he generously included many samples of his product line.  If you like a boozy scent and like the idea of a vintage cocktail soap/splash you are really going to like this scents.  They have a nice strength and all smell fantastic.  Once I got my nose near this Mary Pickford I knew I was buying it.  Cherry, Pineapple and Bay Rum.  Delicious 🙂

In the past year Justin has upgraded his la belling (top notch – I love the look) and changed his formula a bit.  The base still isn’t my favourite, but I find it much improved over the 5 butter formula I originally acquired.  I still find it to be a bit water sensitive and can easily get away on you, but once you have it dialed in you are rewarded with a nice lather, good cushion, slickness and post shave.  The splash is witch hazel based, so no burn at all.  It does feel a bit thin so I tend to use a touch more than I normally would but it feels great, some nice skin food in there.

For the razor today, I opted to go vintage.  This made in Canada Gillette Tech is easily the mildest razor I own.  While not the most efficient razor, it is very smooth.  If I have some skin irritation or if I’m looking for a second shave of the day, cleaning up for a night out, I grab this guy.  A little patience and a really smooth shave.

Not to get through the day and on to the weekend.  Happy Friday all!

PS – you may have seen a hint on my social channels of an upcoming giveaway to end our #CanadianShaveWeek.  Make sure you are following us on our social accounts Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest as our giveaway will be ran on one (and only one) of those platforms.  You don’t want to miss it.



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