SOTD – September 8, 2018 #CanadianShaveWeek #GreenIsTheColour

Razor: Rockwell 6c on 3
Brush: Elvado Synthetic
Soap: Elvado Royal Tahitian Lime Cream
Aftershave: Maol Grooming Heliopteris Frosted

#CanadianShaveWeek find us moving into a #GreenIsTheColour shave.  The Saskatchewan Roughriders are in Winnipeg for the annual banjo bowl.  Big game today for my Roughriders so Green felt like the way to go.

The soap today is Elvado Royal Tahitian Lime Cream.  You can get this in a pump or a tub, I opted for the tub.  I tend to not be a huge citrus guy but I love this scent.  Lime, Lemon, Rosewood & Wild Mint in essential oils for the sensitive skins. A little load makes for a super easy lather, great cushion and slickness with a decent enough post shave for a cream. I typically gravitate to the soaps over creams but this is a big win for me. And the mint gives a surprising coolness.

The bush was also a prototype synthetic I received from them. The brush is OK for me, a little scritchy but it worked up a great lather. Not my favourite synthetic but more than adequate.

The aftershave was a recent addition to my den from Maol Grooming. Heliopteris is described as a take on a Fougere, a sweet and herbaceous accord with hints of wood, earth, and spice. For me, this isn’t what I was hoping for in a Fougere. The scent doesn’t really do it for me but my wife is a big fan. It is bright and has a spice note to it, and it paired not too badly after the RTL. The frosted is a bit lighter in the menthol that I was expecting but it still had a nice chill to it. What I can say is the skin food in this is unreal. I was left with a really nice post shave. Time will tell if the scent grows on me or I look to swap it out for one of the others in his line.

With that, on to another Canadian tradition… watching some CFL football. GO RIDERS!



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