DROP ALERT: Friday September 18th 12:00PM CST

Hi everyone, thanks for your patience.  It took up a while to get here (thanks COVID) but we are finally ready to do a drop.  We have been hard at work but the challenges of COVID caused a long delay to getting product we were happy with and ready to release.  (We had a misfire with some glazes that sat too long while the studio was locked down).

This is going to be our largest drop to date with 20+ lather bowls hitting the store.  We will have a little bit of something for everyone this time.  There are bowls with and without handles and for the first time we are releasing smaller palm size bowls and extra large bowls for the big boy brushes.  In the store descriptions you will see the dimensions to help you get a feel for the size.  We also photographed the bowls with some of our favourite artisan soaps to help get a reference of size.

Take a look through the offerings for this drop.  We already have some on the go for next drop but no ETA when that will be.  Unfortunately COVID is still giving us delays on how often we have access to the studio.  I can say we are working on Brush Scuttles for the next drop as well.

I hope you enjoy the preview, and once again, thanks for the continued support.  Once the drop is live on Friday at noon (CST) these will be available to purchase in the store.

– J



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