I’m a pretty lucky guy.  Not only am I married to a multi-talented photographer and potter, I have a supportive wife that has been fostering my new wet shaving obsession.  She has put up with my acquisition disorder and recently starting working on clay shave products for me.  Thus far, she has played with lather bowls and scuttles.  She even has a few brush handles on the go for me to try out.  So far we have traded the few that have been made for other cool shave gear like soap/aftershave/vintage razors/etc.  It has been a great way to meet fellow wet-shavers and build my shave den up a bit.  I wanted to get a good base of products so I am set up for some great blogging here on the website.  This also gave us the opportunity to get some feedback on the function of the products.

Now that we have had a chance to get a few in the hands of some other wet-shavers, we have a few design plans locked down and are working on the next phase.  In the future we will be putting up some lather bowls available for purchase here on the website.  I’m also looking at ideas for other things we might drop in our store to help fund the habit, so keep your eye on the website for more exciting things to come.

For now, take a browse through this small gallery of the work.  Let me know if something catches your eye design wise or colour wise.  Time at the guild and in the kiln are a bit limited so we depend on feedback for ideas on what to create next.  Everything is lovingly hand crafted to ensure unique and quality in design.  We hope you enjoy.



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