Razor: Rockwell 6c on 4
Brush: The Art of Shaving pure badger
Soap: Van Yulay Spicey Bomber Aquarius

I picked up a few of these Van Yulay Aquarius shave soaps recently.  They are scented with different fragrances inspired by various colognes.  This particular one is inspired by Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb.  I cant say I’ve used this particular cologne so I can’t comment on how close or how well it would pair.  It does have a nice cologne scent to it.  Performance was good, although user error made lathering a bit of a challenge (Overload on my part).

I also got to play in a maker space again yesterday and was learning on the laser cutter again.  You can see the result, engrave on wood.  I’m excited to see all the different little projects I can make.  Hopefully I will bring some to the site soon.



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